Continental Divide Expedition

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The CD Expedition map will be updated with information sent from tracking equipment in the vehicle. This has been provided by YB Tracking in the UK. The track that will show on the map as the journey progresses links points where a transmission of a waypoint has been activated from the vehicle. These waypoints will be sent when a Continental Divide (CD) crossing has been made (the red dots in the map), or when a track on the CD has been started and finished (the green lines).

The line tracking the journey does not represent the complete route followed by the vehicle between transmissions. If a potential CD crossing or a CD route is not shown on the vehicle track as this develops, it means that it has been missed or not included.

This first section of the journey has the potential for 172 CD crossings and also to drive 27 routes actually on the CD. Those 27 sections (the green lines) represent 522 Km. or 9% of the estimated length of the CD between Panama and the US/Mexico border. Leaving aside these statistics, the purpose of the journey is to enjoy travelling in some of the most spectacular scenery along one of the planet’s most amazing features.

In a few regions, the research to fix the alignment of the CD was not entirely conclusive.  It was uncertain where the CD was actually located over the ground. One or two of these regions did have potential crossings, but not many. These have not been included since fixing the position would have been unsafe.