A REAL Swiss Army tool

This Dutch father-and-son team use an ex-Swiss military Series IIA as their ‘tractor’ – and they can’t think of anything better for the job

A REAL Swiss Army tool
A REAL Swiss Army tool


We bought our Series IIA about 10 years ago and, since then, we’ve both become real Land Rover enthusiasts. 

The IIA, originally a Swiss military vehicle, is still in very good shape. Since being registered on April 71967 it has covered only 40,000 miles. All we’ve had to do to the old girl is replace the rear springs with parabolics and fit a new canvas tilt to replace the leaking original. That’s not bad for 10 years, especially as we use the vehicle for work.

The IIA gets used as a tractor, really – we have land around our house at Arnhem, Holland, and the Land Rover is ideal for helping with fencing, sawing wood, herding the sheep and the odd bit of hunting. It’s never let us down. 

In the pictures, you can see our IIA hard at work on its typical jobs; we’re particularly pleased with its adaptability for cutting back willow trees. We stick a plank out of the rear, and simply reverse the vehicle up to the fence. I then stand on the plank, 


This owner review appeared in the April 2007 issue of LRO. Current and Back issues are available to download on digital devices here. Please note, we only hold stocks of the the last three back issues. 

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