How to modify a Range Rover...

…by Ken Needham, who has done a superlative job of fitting his prized vehicle out with smart, subtle modifications

How to modify a Range Rover...
Rear axle guard (there’s one at the front, too) allows for shenanigans like this


I absolutely love my 2007 Range Rover. Obviously, the registration number makes her stand out a bit, but I’ve carried out quite a bit of work behind the scenes that, although not quite so instantly obvious, still makes a big difference . 

On the front – in the proper Land Rover mount – is a Warn 9.5ti winch. In the picture above, you’ll just be able to make out the side tubes running along under the sills, which give a little protection when off-roading. In the back is a full dog guard. 

I have two sets of wheels: the off-road set are 19-inch jobs shod with Pirelli ATR tyres (excellent) while, for road use, I have 20-inch dark chrome alloys with standard road tyres (pictured left). 

The roof rack is the same as that on the G4 vehicles, and those aerials aren’t just for show – I have both CB and UHF radio. I’ve also made it fully iPod-compatible. Strobe lights live behind the grille, and there are front and rear axle guards. The sump guard is small – but, boy, is it heavy!

I’m just about to fit an auxiliary battery system and rear strobe lights, and I’m trying to source a number of other add-ons. It’s pretty hard to get stuff for the L322 but, hopefully, I’ll soon have a full set of G4 underbody protection, a rear ladder and towing hitch receiver. 


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