Stable of dreams

An Indonesian reader tells us about his fantastic collection, which takes in everything from a lovely Series I to a new Defender SVX

Stable of dreams
Several well-tasty Land Rovers


I’m an avid reader of LRO – as are the rest of my family. We’ve been Land Rover fans for years, with my enthusiasm (now possibly out of control!) for Land Rovers blossoming when I was still at high school. 

It was the 1980s, and the Camel Trophy had a popularity in Indonesia that you just wouldn’t believe – mainly due to the fact the event was held here three times during the 1980s (Sumatra in 1981, Borneo in 1985 and Sulawesi in 1988). 

The big Sandglow-coloured Range Rovers, Ninetys and One Tens sparked my imagination and I soon became hooked.

I bought my first Land Rover 15 years ago. It’s a 1983 Series III 109 station wagon and has been a very reliable mate – I still use it every day. It has been kept more or less in factory condition, although it’s had a repaint at some stage and now wears a winch and deep-dish steel wheels. 

After this, I bought a 1991 Range Rover Classic Vogue – lovely vehicle, but I didn’t hang on to it. 

My baby is a 1949 Series I 80-inch – it has chassis number 8663010, making it one of the first 10 built for ’49. As you can see, it’s fully restored and lives
a pretty pampered life these days. I’ve tried to keep it as original as possible.

At the other end of the scale is my 1977 Series III 88-inch. This one has undergone some pretty horrible modifications! Originally it had a small-block Chevy V8 engine dropped in; now it has a Toyota turbodiesel engine complete with a Land Cruiser gearbox, transfer box, axles and wheels. It also suffers from a Defender-style front end and bonnet, which is unforgivable on a Series, I know. Sadly, reverting to original spec isn’t an option for me, but it makes a good toy.

I’m really pleased with the SVX. It arrived for Christmas, just in time to celebrate 60 years of Land Rover. It’s the only rag-top SVX in Indonesia and is a real headturner.  

Finally, we have a 2008 supercharged Range Rover – it was actually a birthday present for my dad from my brother and me. Dad’s house has room in the garage for just the one car, so the Range Rover sits here most of the time. 

I hope LRO readers enjoy seeing our Indonesian collection –my family and I are certainly very proud of them.


This owner review appeared in the May 2016 issue of LRO. Current and Back issues are available to download on digital devices here. Please note, we only hold stocks of the the last three back issues.

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