Disco Dan's a smitten man

This reader got his hard-working Discovery into these pages with a mixture of wit and charm…

Disco Dan's a smitten man
With seven occupants already in the Discovery, Dan endured a precarious trip home from the off-road site


I’m hoping to get my old Disco in the magazine for both bragging rights in the pub, and because it’s cool,’ Dan Stretch told us. Well, Dan, thanks for your honesty – and here’s your machine in all its glory.

Dan’s Land Rover is in many ways the typical enthusiast-owned Discovery – a 300Tdi with a few modifications and used, in the main, for having fun with. 

‘It’s a 1998 model and my first-ever Land Rover – I bought it last September for just over £2000. 

‘I can’t believe I’ve not had one of these before. And I really can’t believe what this thing can do: the engine pulls more than two tonnes up some very steep hills made of wet stone and slate. Unbelievable!’

Dan is so impressed by the Disco, it’s the only vehicle he’s owned to which he’s given
a name. ‘I’ve never done it before but this one is named SWOMpy, inspired by the registration number and my desire to get it as muddy as possible. I just love it.

‘I’ve taken the valance off the front bumper and the rear seats out to make a false floor for our four dogs, who also love off-roading. And, to top it all, I have a fantastic better half who not only loves the motor, but used to off-road herself: she encourages and goads me into trying more difficult things.

‘I adore the Disco. It’s great!’

Yes, okay, Dan – I think we’re getting the message now, thanks.


This owner review appeared in the June 2009 issue of LRO. Current and Back issues are available to download on digital devices here. Please note, we only hold stocks of the the last three back issues.

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