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Google Play Magazines: Digital Edition FAQs and App Support

Q1 Which devices can I use to read a magazine purchased on Google Play Magazines?

You’ll be able to use pretty much any device that has the Android operating system. This covers a range of manufacturers, including phones and tablets made by:

-       Acer

-       Asus

-       HTC

-       Kindle Fire

-       LG

-       Motorola

-       Panasonic

-       Samsung

-       Sony & Sony-Ericsson

These are the key players in the Android operating system market. We cannot guarantee your device is compatible with our apps via Google Play Magazines – but all the major manufacturers’ devices will be.

Q2 How can I manage my Google Play Magazines subscription?

All information on managing your account, refunds and Google’s Customer Support service can be found here.

Q3 What purchase options do I have with Google Play?

You can buy the magazine in three ways:

a)     Single issue

b)    Monthly, recurring subscription (with a discount)

c)     An annual subscription (with a bigger discount)

Simple. The subs options involve a recurring, automatic payment taken from your credit card either monthly, or annually.

Q4 How do I cancel an automatic subscription on Google Play Magazines?

It’s actually really easy and there are a number of ways you can manage your account and subscriptions. Google even has a help page dedicated solely to the subject, which is here.

Q5 How do I get a refund in the event of a billing problem?

All transactions made on Google Play Magazines are handled by Google. Because Google is a third-party partner of ours, and your purchase is made through your account with them, Bauer Media cannot refund or check any personal subscription / single issue purchase details made on Google Play Magazines.

If you think you qualify for a refund, due to not being able to download an issue you’ve purchased, this is where you need to go.

Q6 My issue won’t download: what am I doing wrong?

Below are some tips for download related difficulties:

1 Always have sufficient storage space on your device for the download you’re about to attempt

2 Always use WiFi – not 3G – and check the connection speed is good, or you could timeout in the middle of the download. Don’t attempt downloads over the 3G phone network, as it probably won’t work and you run the risk of an enormous mobile phone bill!

3 Don’t try to download more than one magazine at any one time!

Q7 If I lose or upgrade my device, will I be able to get the magazines I’ve bought?

Yes. Google says: ‘You can always re-sync your purchases onto another device. All your purchases are automatically stored in the cloud’. (In your ‘My Magazines’ section). So, in theory, you don’t have to worry as you should always be able to access the magazines you have bought via Google Play Magazines.

Again, if you need any support, contact Google direct here.

Q8 The print magazine has a cover-mounted gift on it – do I get the same if I buy that edition on Google Play?

Any kind of physical gift attached to the front cover of a print magazine cannot be offered to purchasers of that same issue on Google Play Magazine.

Q9 I’m a print subscriber. I’d like to view my magazines on my Android device as part of that subscription. Can I?

Not at this time. Though we are working at it, so please bear with us. We’re anticipating being able to offer print subscribers this facility in late 2013 or early 2014.

Contact Bauer

If you’re still having problems and none of the above answers helps, then we have a dedicated email address for you to use. Get in touch with:

Someone should be back in touch with you within 48 hours. Please state the issue you’re trying to download and what the problem is, specifically mentioning the device you’re using.

Many thanks for your custom – it is much appreciated!