Drift a Classic Land Rover on Ice!

By: Calum Brown

Jaguar Land Rover is offering you the chance to drift classic, iconic models on a frozen lake in Arvidsjaur, Sweden, early next year.

Drift a Classic Land Rover on Ice!
Forget Torvill and Dean, this is true art on ice.


Fancy the opportunity to relive The Sweeney’s blagger days and powerslide a classic Jaguar XJ Series II? Or perhaps find out what would have happened had Inspector Morse enjoyed the occasional dab of cocaine by piloting a Jaguar MkII like a lunatic?

Well, Jaguar Land Rover has a three-day experience on offer to do just that. The best part? You can chose from a number of Landies, too. Land Rovers are would famous for tackling snowdrifts, but not quite like this.

You can take a 1971 Range Rover Classic, a 1950 Series I, 1960 Series II or a 1978 Series III drifting in a totally different manner with this off-road Artic Circle expedition. 

It may sound like someone at JLR has gone mad, but it’s claimed that drifting on an open, icy space is less likely to damage the classic vehicles due to the lower speeds required with the extremely low friction of a frozen lake.

The cost of this ice-cool trip starts from £2500, with specialist instructors and tuition supplied to ensure drivers get to grips, no pun intended, with the -30 degrees celsius conditions without the help of power steering or traction control.

Naturally, extra safety precautions have been added, with harnesses and seatbelts and winter tyres fitted, alongside something we Landy drivers are unfamiliar with - a working heater. Laregly symbolic on old Jags and Land Rovers, upgraded interior heaters will keep frozen limbs at bay.

Accommodation is supplied at Hotel Silverhatten, with transfers on arrival and driving tuition included. Flights need to be booked separately. We would also advise on some warm clothing…

A spokesman for JLR Classic – the manufacturers’ joint heritage arm  - told sister publication Classic Car Weekly: ‘The idea for the ice driving event was something unique we knew we could deliver for customers.

'Getting a classic Jaguar sideways is not something you would normally see or get to experience.

‘While there is only one event planned to run next year, it is possible it could run regularly in the winter seasons. JLR Classic is looking to expand the amount and types of events it does.’

Better check out your piggy bank now...

You can find out more at the Jaguar Land Rover Expierence Website.