What's inside the May 2016 issue of Land Rover Owner

The May 2016 issue of Land Rover Owner International is now available to buy in the shops, or to download for digital devices. This issue is available to download from the AppStore for iPad and iPhone, on Play Newsstand for Google Android devices (in countries listed on Google Support) and Mac or PC desktops with Google Chrome, and on Nook, Kobo, Readly or Zinio.

What's inside the May 2016 issue of Land Rover Owner
The new May 2016 issue of LRO is out now!

Series I Reborn

How Land Rover's own experts tackled their first 80-inch resto 

Buying a Defender or Series

Weekend toys rated - from £5k

High-Tech Defender 

90 gets keyless go! 

'73 Classic

Owners quest to make 2door Range Rover perfect

13 Welsh Greenlanes

Nine-page guide to wild and wonderful Snowdonia 




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Mercedes Magic 

Fitting a Merc diesel in a Land Rover is a big job, but this man has done two - and makes the bits so you can do it too.


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 City Slicker 

This Defender 90 has shaken off its utility roots to become a high-powered urban mover and shaker after a very high-tech rebuild.



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 The Perfect Choice 

Choosing your ideal weekend toy is never easy, especially when it comes down to this pair - a Series IIA or a 300Tdi Defender. Mark Saville helps you decide.



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 You'll like this...not a lot! 

LRO take a soft-top Evoque to the Alps.


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Series Linked 

We all saw the last one come off the line in January - the end of Series/Defender production at Solihull? Well, not quite! LRO meets the Defender's unlikely successor.


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 River Dee...Mountain High 

Most greenlaning is drama-free, but sometimes things don't go to plan - as Neil Watterson finds when he travels from Snowdonia to the River Dee.


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Switzerland or Bust

Mark Saville and his Series I make a 1650-mile beeline to the Alpine domain of Les Séries en Helvétie, a three-day festival of classic Land Rover fun in the mountains.


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'I only meant to buy the seats...!' 

Andrew Honychurch bought this Range Rover Suffix B for spares. But soon he realised it was too good for that, so the restoration began...