Takla Air Jack 2.5 Ton Capacity


The Takla Air Jack is the quick and easy way to jack a 4x4 vehicle. The Takla Air Jack is a PVC bag that can be inflated using exhaust pressure or a compressor / pump. It is the only one available with an overpressure safety valve and locking exhaust fitting method. This is the safest and most versatile jack on the market. 

You can find a demonstration here:-  
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  1. Multi port heavy duty air jack
  2. 2.5 ton maximum lifting capacity
  3. Can be inflated either by compressor or vehicle exhaust
  4. Comes complete with donut to suit exhaust
  5. Various sizes of donut available (optional extra)
  6. Stoppers available for vehicles with twin exhausts (optional extra)
  7. Comes in a strong carry bag complete with exhaust hose and repair kit
  8. Safety blow-off valve incorporated in jack
  9. Reinforced base and top