Defender 110 Slimline Roof Rack

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Designed and built specifically for off-road use, this full size Slimline roof rack from Front Runner is manufactured with high density aluminium and can withstand the stress of any adventure.

The extra strength and lightness of the Slimline II allows heavier loads to be carried on the roof of the vehicle more safely compared to similar all-steel roof racks, as well as possibly improving fuel economy.

The Front Runner Slimline II will take the abuse of the sun the rain the gear and any condition road. It's also incredibly versatile - no more untying unstrapping un-netting the entire contents of your roof rack just to remove one item. Loads are independently secured anywhere on the top sides or bottom of the rack using Front Runner's unique bolt on system.

Full cargo rack for Defender 110. Also available in half cargo rack.

Price: £1,415.90

From: Amazon