Land Rover One Ten Power Steering

What bits do you need to turn your Land Rover One Ten into less of an arm breaker and more of a smile maker? The answer is simple - power steering! 


I want to fit power steering to my old One Ten 2.5 diesel. Which parts do I need?

Thomas Schroeder, Germany


This is an easy job that needs only bolt- on modifications – so you could convert back to original at any point.

There were various power steering systems so it would be difficult to suggest a complete set of part numbers. The simplest way to get the kit is to buy a complete used one and use the steering box as an exchange for a reconditioned one.

The main parts you need are: steering box with drop arm, fluid reservoir with bracket, hoses, crankshaft pulley, pump with bracket and a belt, and a few other small ancillary parts.

It’s a conversion that’ll transform your Land Rover!

Andrew Varrall