Ask LRO: Which Defender Axle Oil Should I Use?

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Ask LRO: Which Defender Axle Oil Should I Use?

by Calum Brown |


I have a 2006 Defender 90 Td5 hard top. In the handbook the rear axle oil capacity is given as 1.7 litres, same as the front. While the front is happy with its 1.7 litres, the rear dif takes 2.2 litres or so. Do I have a 110/130 rear axle?

Are there any other differences between a 90 and 110 axle I should know about – if I ever need spare parts, for example?

Jon Cooper, Kidderminster, Worcestershire


You are correct that a Defender 90 axle should take 1.7 litres of oil. A Defender 110/130 axle should take 2.26 litres. All axle casings will have an axle number stamped on them that will help to identify which type of axle is fitted.

A chassis number may possibly also help to shed some light on your vehicle’s build specifi cation. Standard Land Rover Defender 90 axles should be a Rover-type, with a longer diferential nose. Older Defender 110s use Salisbury axles, and more recent models have Rover axles. The Salisbury axles have a shorter dif nose than the Rover-type axles.

David Long

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