Association of Land Rover Clubs National Rally 2017

With no single ALRC club volunteering to take on the task of hosting their National Rally this year the event was managed centrally by the association, with individual clubs running the various disciplines over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

The event returned to its 2014 venue, Stainby Quarry, just off the A1 near Grantham in Lincolnshire.  A compact site which is very popular with local clubs, including the Leicestershire and Rutland LRC who brought in diggers to enhance the site for the 2014 rally.

The action began on the Saturday with the Cross Country Vehicle trial (CCV). On the Sunday the Road Taxed Vehicle trial (RTV) was run in parallel with the Team Recovery event. Then on Bank Holiday Monday we had the excitement of the Comp Safari race, always a spectacle for visitors. 

There was also a Concours D'Elégance competition for shiny vehicles, a bike trial for the kids and also the opportunity for youngsters and inexperienced off-roaders to partake in the next step up into trialing, the non-damaging Tyro.

The 2014 National was dominated by rain, as was the setting up weekend one week before this year’s rally. At a big event, where a couple of hundred people are looking to compete, rain is very unwelcome. It turns trials into an entry number lottery, with sections which were easy to drive by the first competitors becoming impassable later in the day, while other obstacles get eroded and less challenging. So, all eyes were on the long-range weather forecast, and it was looking very promising.

The full story will be in the July issue of LRO out in the shops on June 14th.