Cub-sized Panther

Amazing SAS-spec Land Rover model. Do Little Leafers come any cooler than this half-scale Series II SAS Long-Range Patrol vehicle? 

This petrol-driven half-scale model is based on a Little Leafer. You can buy the plans online ( for about £30, and then you fabricate the whole thing yourself. 

Steve Thomas heavily modified the base design to give the full military model. It is made almost entirely of MDF wood with a 3x2in chassis also of wood, flued and screwed. 

The engine is a Honda 5.5hp petrol (as used in most go-karts), with a centrifugal clutch and chain-driven through a series of shafts and sprockets that give rear-wheel drive. Top speed is about 10mph - a bit like a real Land Rover. There's one rear disc brake, and the wheels are standard 8in trailer wheels. The guns are also mostly MDF, made to Steve's own design. 

We don't know of anyone else who has completed a Little Leafer to this modified standard, but Steve is sure people have made them to the basic design. It took a couple of years to build at a cost of about £1300. It now belongs to Steve's nine-year-old son Harry, who gets lots of attention when he drives it around at shows!