Defender Ambulance Camper to feature in ‘Dream Builds on Wheels’

New TV documentary series will showcase adventurous vehicle builds and scenic UK road trips... including an ex-military Defender!

Jimmy and Jimmy with camper bus from 'Dream Builds On Wheels'

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

One new series, two presenters called Jimmy, and eight episodes about intrepid uses for old vehicles, shot in the UK… should be worth a watch, especially as a camper conversion based on a Defender ambulance is scheduled to star in the show.

Lead man Jimmy Doherty told us: ‘We go on an adventure in an army Land Rover ambulance which we converted into a camper. It was the ideal vehicle for getting to the harder to reach areas which other, more traditional camper vans couldn’t go.’

In addition to the Defender, we’re promised ‘everything from double decker busses to ex-army fire engines' being transformed into 'awesome homes from home, ready to hit the road and explore the world in comfort.’

Here’s the premise

All over the country, an army of ordinary people are turning everyday vehicles into extraordinary campervans; converting cars, vans, buses and trucks into awesome getaway homes and holiday pads on wheels to explore the great outdoors. Now, presenter Jimmy Doherty wants in on the action by building his own dream camper.

Jimmy is joined by friend and engineer Jimmy de Ville (from 'Goblin Works Garage') – on hand to share his expert knowledge for the build.

Each show will see the two Jimmys head out on an action-packed road-trip together, with illuminating build ideas and a chance to see incredible landscapes as they drive some of the best and most extraordinary completed campers around some of the UK’s most glorious and little-known locations.

Dream Builds on Wheels premieres on Quest on Tuesday 28th September at 9pm, and will be available to stream on discovery+.

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