That'll be how much?!

Although we adore it, the Disco 3 is giving us a financial kicking. Money grows on trees, right? 

It’s sorted! No, not the auto release for the electronic parking brake – that lasted three months before touching the brakes at 70mph pinged the orange warning light and error message back
on – but the cause of the D3’s inability to turn right without a nasty metallic graunching sound coming from the left front wheel. It's scarier than words can make it sound, trust us. 

The problem started when we fitted 9x18in MaxXtrac Manta alloys, and noticed the left front wheel catching on the D44 wishbone guard – it had scored a chamfer right round the inner rim. So, off came the guards. But still the noise persisted, and scuff marks started appearing on the wishbone itself.

As neither Silverline 4x4 nor wishbone guard manufacturer Devon 4x4 had had any other problems reported, we assumed it was some freak incompatibility with the Disco 3. When Silverline took a look at the D3 they noticed a broken brake line clip. Slightly terrifyingly, it’s the brake line that’s been getting snagged between wishbone and wheel all along.

Now it’s been  cable-tied out of the way, the problem has gone! Enthusiastic driving means the brakes and suspension bushes take a beating, and now it’s on more than 155,000 miles it’s starting to need longer-service items replacing too. We are trying not to think about the bills – more than £2500 over the past six months... It’s eaten a set of rear pads in a year (13,000 miles), needed a pair of rear track control arms, new EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves, and a new fuel filter after it started leaking diesel. And, the clutch, dual-mass flywheel, slave cylinder and gear position sensor have just been replaced.

Maybe that will have cured the parking brake for good? We’ll let you know soon...