Electric Spectre Defender nears completion

This monstrously powerful Spectre Defender EV will soon be hitting the roads. Here's what powers it...

Electric Spectre Defender at charge point

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

The engineering underpinning this electric Defender – a replica of the 110 Double Cabs that starred in the 007 film 'Spectre' – is similar to the yellow ‘E-Lander’ 90 that Electric Classic Cars completed last year. The Mid Wales firm (who star in the Vintage Voltage TV series) has been responsible for some of the most striking Defender EV conversions in the UK, and this one is entering its final few weeks of development before being handed over to the customer.

Originally a 2010 Defender 2.4 TDCi, it’s now powered by a centrally-mounted motor from a Tesla Model S, with a custom gearset to account for the Defender’s weight and driving requirements. Unlike the 85kWh batteries of the yellow E-Lander, this Spectre version packs 100kWh of liquid-cooled batteries under the bonnet and under the rear.

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Charging is via a Type 2 connector, enabling three-phase AC charging at up to 22kW. It’s not able to be plugged into the Tesla Supercharger network, but the company’s next Defender, a ragtop 90 (due for completion in April) will showcase an optional Combined Charging System connector enabling much faster charging.

The electric drivetrain outputs a huge 444bhp and 332lb-ft of torque, all available from zero revs. In short-wheelbase form, this dispatches 60mph in 4.5 seconds, even quicker than the new 327g/km Defender V8.

To make this possible, the vehicle has upgraded ATB diffs, plus heavy duty CV joints, driveshafts and flanges.

Other changes include electric power steering (to replace the original engine-driven hydraulic system) and an electric handbrake – not to mention all the Spectre goodies, which were already fitted when Electric Classic Cars started work. Beneath the wheelarch extensions are 16in split rims with 375/75 mud terrain tyres, connected to a tyre pressure monitoring system. The front-mounted winch has two remote controllers and the roll cage is by Safety Devices. The car now wears an Austrian numberplate for show – an exact replica of one used in the film – but this is still a UK car.

It’s not hard to imagine this electric Defender trouncing a standard 110 off-road. Its wading depth is also theoretically deeper than any oil-burning Land Rover, as the electrics are fully sealed against the elements (both water an dust).

How much did it cost?

Before its conversion, this Spectre-lookalike 110 was on the market for £40,000. Electric Classic Cars can carry out an electric conversion on a Defender from around £50,000, but a build of this specification will cost the customer around £90,000 +VAT, excluding the base vehicle. Selfridges reportedly sold the yellow E-Lander 90 (with its bespoke interior by Barbour) for £152,000.

What do you reckon it’s worth? Would you prefer this to the £195k Works V8 Trophy?

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