How you can help US charities benefit from Land Rover awards scheme

Land Rover’s Defender Above and Beyond Service awards will see custom-built Defenders support multiple charities in the United States – and you can nominate who gets them.

Render of a new Defender 110 with Marine and Coastal Conservation livery

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

The new awards scheme will provide seven customised new Defenders for seven non-profit organisations in the USA. Each vehicle will be modified by Land Rover in whichever way the charity requires. This is the first year of the Defender Above and Beyond Service awards, launched at a time when community service feels more important than ever, and ‘inspired by the endless acts of service across the US from extraordinary citizens this past year’.

Defender vehicles have been used for various humanitarian causes around the world for decades and with its recent return to the U.S., we wanted to expand on that legacy with ‘The Defender Above & Beyond Service Awards’ and celebrate organizations that know the value of community and drive to do great things with them.’ – Joe Eberhardt, President & CEO, JLR North America

How to nominate your charity for the Land Rover awards scheme

Non-profits can nominate themselves, or be nominated by their supporters. They will need to complete an entry form, and submit a video up to 3 minutes long, describing the work their organisation does, and why it is important, and how a Land Rover Defender will help.

After a panel of judges has selected a shortlist, the final winners will be determined by public vote – so your vote will matter. The finalists will be posted on for voting to take place.

A full breakdown of the entry process for the Defender Above and Beyond Service awards can be found here.

Customised Land Rover Defender with drones, roof rack and steel wheels
Just a render, but it stokes the imagination...

Eligibility for the Defender Above and Beyond Service awards

Organizations must be U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profits whose efforts fall within one of these seven categories:

  1. Search and Rescue
  1. Coastal and Marine Conservation
  1. Animal Welfare
  1. First Responders
  1. Environmental
  1. Urban Improvement
  1. Fire Services

What other charities benefit from free Land Rovers?

Supporting non-profit organisations has been on Land Rover’s agenda for decades – usually with the provision of a custom-designed Defender or Discovery. These vehicles have benefitted the conservation efforts of the Born Free Foundation, and helped the Red Cross deliver humanitarian aid – including in the UK; Land Rover has loaned 360 vehicles to the British Red Cross and the NHS to help relieve the strain caused by Covid-19.

Since 2008 (but suspended in 2020 and 2021), Land Rover has also provided a vehicle and £30,000 of funding annually for the Go Beyond bursary, awarded in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) – bursaries which have resulted in (among other things) glacial mapping in the Alps, and the establishment of a hiking trail through the Caucasus mountain range.

But the Defender Above and Beyond Service Awards are a new format for Land Rover, and could result in an unprecedented level of support to communities in the USA. We’d love to see Land Rover UK offer something similar.

To submit an application or to nominate your favourite non-profit, click here.

Land Rover Defender 110 with the British Red Cross in the UK
Would you trust an old Defender to come to your rescue better than a new one?
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