Land Rover owners needed in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team is recruiting local 4x4 owners to support emergency services during the pandemic

Gathering of Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team members

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

If you have time on your hands and own a Land Rover, joining a local charity such as the Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team (L-CAT) can be a valuable way of supporting your local area in times of need.

Due to the pandemic, L-CAT is performing welfare checks for vulnerable people, as well as other daily tasks issued to them by the Local Resilience Forum and the County Council Emergency Planning Volunteer Sector. They’re also on standby to transport key workers and provisions through hazardous conditions – especially snow.

Other duties include assisting Lincolnshire and Humberside Police by clearing fallen trees from the road after high winds, or joining missing person searches.

What’s needed from you

‘Probably the most important quality is a desire to assist in the community and assist the charity,’ says David Salkeld, L-CAT’s membership secretary. ‘Every member puts whatever time and donations they can into promoting the group and charity.’

You will need to pass a DBS check, after which a wide range of training will be given in areas such as Safeguarding, Health & Safety, social media policy, as well as 4x4 driver training. The latter is required on an annual refresher basis.

All owners of 4x4s (and even AWD cars) are invited to apply, and extreme all-terrain ability is not needed. Given the slippery road conditions, modern Land Rovers with excellent traction control systems could be worth their weight in gold, but all Land Rovers can be of service.

There is no official minimum time commitment. Responders are notified of incidents via text and attend if they are able. After the pandemic, volunteers can also take part in fundraising and social events.

If you are interested in joining L-CAT, email David at If you’re not local to Lincolnshire there are many other volunteer 4x4 response teams serving their communities around the country.

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