New £191k Range Rover is the Ultimate Terrestrial Transport For Aspiring Astronauts

Astrophobes need not apply! Land Rover’s latest halo model is an ultra-exclusive Range Rover offered only to Virgin Galactic’s ‘Future Astronauts’ – customers who have already signed up to be the first passengers of commercial spaceflight.

Range Rover Astronaut Edition

The ‘Astronaut Edition’ Range Rover, developed by JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations department, adds unique design flourishes to the already lavish Autobiography flagship. Features include Zero Gravity Blue paint, puddle lamps that project an outline of Virgin’s iconic SpaceShipTwo, and Astronaut Edition badging.

Inside, Virgin’s ‘DNA of Flight’ graphic appears in the leather seats as well as the carbon fibre front console. SVO’s engineers have also repurposed part of a landing skid from Spaceship Unity, but each buyer will have these components replaced with similarly repurposed skid parts from their own space flight (made from wood!) after their first return from space.

Jaguar Land Rover and Virgin Galactic have worked together since 2014. You may remember their involvement in the launch of the Discovery Sport in September that year.

The Astronaut Edition Range Rover is the next step on this journey and the chance for the Future Astronaut Community to celebrate our two brands’ shared values of pioneering spirit and true sense of adventure. This vehicle really will take them Above and Beyond.
— Chief Design Officer, Gerry McGovern

UK prices start at a hefty £191,500 for a P400e plug-in hybrid, or £196,840 for the full-fat supercharged V8. Eligible earthlings should contact for further information.