New British consortium for Land Rover aftermarket industry

ORE4x4 pledges to establish an association of businesses to defend UK engineering.

Chris McCormack with ORE4x4 wheel carrier

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

Inspiration for the new ‘British Manufacturers Consortium’ came when ORE4x4 was made aware of a wheel carrier in development which closely resembled their own design. Images of the product were being shared on social media by an individual associated with an overseas competitor. The images which were later taken down.

Co-founder of ORE4x4, Chris McCormack, got in touch with the follower who had raised the alarm, and gave him with a wheel carrier as a gesture of thanks. ‘You can’t put a price on loyalty,’ says Chris, ‘especially when people like this really support your brand and want you to continue growing and developing more great quality products here in Britain.’

ORE4x4 – whose manufacturing and development takes place in the UK – now describes itself as ‘on a mission to reward fellow enthusiasts for highlighting copycats’. The consortium is likely to involve an accreditation scheme, and a shared website to promote the work done by UK manufacturers, drawing attention to the time and resources they invest. Chris intends for the group to be run by committee, to prevent any perceived bias to particular brands.

It’s early days, so for more details of the award scheme or the business consortium, email Chris at or follow updates on their social media (@ore4x4uk).

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