Pre-Pro P38 Saved by LRO!

Sometimes you need to question your actions. With one hugely temperamental P38 already tucking into my savings, buying another would surely be the action of a madman.

Simon Lake is glad the CVC has found a good home. How long before Calum is a broken man?

Simon Lake is glad the CVC has found a good home. How long before Calum is a broken man?

So let me introduce you to the new arrival – it’s pre-production, has an ill-tempered 4.0 V8 and employs a manual gearbox. There are a few downsides: it’s been off the road for some time with sensor and electrical problems and has been converted to coil springs at some point in the last 23 years – taking the edge off its handling.

Also, like any other ageing second-generation Range Rover, it has rust issues on the rear wings and underside – not to mention some debris from the Land Rover factory roof that apparently fell on it in 1994.

However, I’ve longed for a ‘CVC’ vehicle (so called after the plate prefix for factory test vehicles) ever since clapping eyes on CVC club founder Julian Lamb’s own example.

After being contacted by Simon Lake, who told me he had two for sale, it was only a matter of time before the heart ruled the bank account. I kept my interest hidden from the LRO team to avoid the taunting, instead sneaking off for Beedon, West Berkshire while they went home.

With the warehouse lights casting a warm glow over the P38’s bodywork, it captured
my affections immediately. The asking price couldn’t be haggled any lower but luckily I had a plan.

I phoned my father, Colin Brown. He was looking for a fresh project, offering to go halves should I find something interesting. He was a tad delirious with flu as my mother answered the phone, but agreed to finance his share after he was awoken from his manflu coma. 

Apparently he woke the next day believing the purchase was a dream. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

If you want me, I’ll be rocking back and forth in the corner of my garage.