Series Land Rover for under £10

Suffolk-based Bridge Classic Cars adapted to Covid by introducing prize draws to win classics, and this Series IIA Land Rover is their latest give-away

Green Series IIA Land Rover 88in

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

Series Land Rovers have grown out of reach for an increasing number of us, as the costs of buying and restoring are much higher than they used to be. But Bridge Classic Cars has adopted a novel approach to selling vehicles, and one which will see one lucky competition entrant snapping up this 1964 Series IIA for only £9.50.

Well, less actually, as Bridge Classic Cars is giving LRO readers a 10% discount on tickets. Use code LRO10 at the checkout.

Why run a prize draw for a Land Rover?

‘We’ve always been a classic car sales and restoration company, and last year as everyone got furloughed the team was thinking of other ways to engage the community and sell our cars,’ says Ellie Piggott, Marketing Assistant at Bridge Classic Cars. ‘One of our mechanics had won a Mitsubishi Evo from Dream Car Giveaways [a car competition company], and seeing him actually win a car made the whole idea seem more tangible.

‘It started off quite slowly as it we had to prove our authenticity and gain people’s trust. But more and more people got interested, and now it’s really taken off. We’ve been doing this for a year now and have 36 winners spread around the country. Six are local to us in East Anglia, so it’s been great for the local car community, and it’s really lovely to see friends and family all get involved with the celebrations when someone wins.’

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Series IIA Land Rover in snow
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Series IIA Land Rover in snow

About the Land Rover

EAX 70B is a 1964 Land Rover Series IIA 88in hardtop, equipped with a Fairey overdrive and free-wheeling hubs – desirable extras from Land Rover’s Original Equipment catalogue.

There are more than a few exterior nods to its original 1964 spec, although the drivetrain will offer a little more useability than standard. Under the bonnet is a later 2.5 N/A diesel engine, and the gearbox – newly rebuilt – is a Series III item, meaning synchromesh on all gears, so no double-declutching. The canvas tilt is also new – watch it being fitted in the video below.

We haven’t seen the vehicle ourselves, but Bridge Classic Cars have described it to us as being ‘well loved’ and say it drives and handles ‘impeccably’.

The prize draw has one week left to run, and can be entered here. Good luck!

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