Looking to keep your Land Rover safe from thieves? Here are some cost-effective products to prevent your Defender finding an illegal new home.


We have to face facts – the Defender remains an analogue vehicle in a digital age. Top speeds are dictated to you by tailwind, heaters are largely aspirational and fuel consumption would receive a patronage from Oliver Reed. But, you have heard these jokes before. What isn’t funny is the lack of security on models old or new; and how easy it is for a waste of human skin to pop in and remove your pride and joy from your ownership. Permanently.

Then comes the question of money – when running your Landy on a shoestring, and most of us do as a labour of love and admiration for Solihull’s finest, forking our for a device or lock we assume we’ll never need can be sore. But £69.99 for a steering lock against losing the Landy completely makes a tonne of sense. 

Here’s our pick of products to keep your Land Rover safe from prying eyes and sinister plans. 

Skytag GPS Tracking System

The SkyTag monitoring system is the only system to provide direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.


C1 Security Post

Worried that your Land Rover could be stolen from your driveway? Require a small maypole to dance around? This Centinel C1 security post is your ideal security/dancing product! 



Clutch Claw In-Car Security Device

This Centinel Clutch Claw could very well be the only security you need to keep your Land Rover safe. With wide acclaim from the motoring press and used by various official bodies to keep their commercial fleets safe, even Edward Chainsaw-Hands couldn't break through this metal beast.



X-Defend Defender Steering Column Lock

One thing that is common to virtually all stolen Land Rovers is that the column steering lock has been broken. It is normally broken by removing the lock barrel as this is surprisingly quick - the vehicle can then often be started with a screwdriver!

 X-Eng's solution is a sleeve for the lock barrel assembly machined out of steel. It is strong enough to prevent the barrel being removed or the end broken off.




X-Defend Defender Pedal Lock

The X-Defend Pedal Lock, like all the other pedal locking products, prevents the clutch, brake and throttle pedal from being operated, making a vehicle quite hard to drive!

Unlike all the others, the X-Defend Pedal Lock remains bolted to the floor of the vehicle. When not in use, it folds flat on the floor and seat box, forming the floor of the cab.In this position it can be covered with your usual floor mat.