Towing? The new training courses are a must

Freelander 1 and Discovery Sport

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Freelander 1 and Discovery Sport
Towing safety needs to be taken seriously.

In the absence of a compulsory B+E trailer test, scrapped last year, the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) has published details of its voluntary training scheme.

Towing without the necessary knowledge is extremely dangerous. That's why any driver needing to tow a trailer or caravan, but who doesn’t have prior experience, is being urged to take a DVSA-accredited towing course.

Courses are being provided to suit a range of abilities and requirements. Whether it’s your first time, or you need a refresher, or a qualification to endorse existing skills, there should be one for you.

DVSA-accredited trainers follow the ‘Learning to drive a car and trailer syllabus'. This applies to all trailers and caravans up to 3500kg MAM.

MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) is the same as GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). Both terms refer to the weight of a vehicle or trailer complete with a full payload. They refer to a vehicle or trailer individually, not the combined weight of the two.

Last week the DVSA also updated its ‘Requirements for towing trailers in Great Britain’ document, describing what you can tow with your current licence. You are still limited by the legal towing capabilities of your specific vehicle. A towing course should make this kind of information second nature.

Unsure of how much you can tow behind your Land Rover? Refer to our monthly Price Guide towards the back of the magazine. It includes a list of weights and specifications for hundreds of different Land Rovers, old and new. You must also get confirmation from your vehicle’s V5 document.

To find an accredited towing course near you, the contact info@safetowingscheme, or visit the Skills for Logistics website.

Our comprehensive Towing Guide is in the Spring 2022 issue of LRO.

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