Twisted launches new EV Defender

This isn’t the first electric Defender to wear a Twisted badge, but it is the first with a highly customised, non-Tesla drivetrain.

Twisted EV charging

by Theo Ford-Sagers |

This new iteration of the Yorkshire-based specialist's EV Defender has emerged around the same time as their fruity new LT1 V8 conversion. So despite its £270k price tag (including VAT) the electric Defender could be seen as the more sensible offering.

The Corris Grey XS-spec truck cab 90 is using a ‘high-voltage’ 61kWh system, with batteries installed under the bonnet and where the fuel tank used to be. Twisted says it should be good for 130 miles, and charging is via a J1772 (single-phase) connector.

In place of a gear shifter and low-range lever you’ll find a simple control panel with chunky D/N/R buttons next to a small monitor (displaying data such as driving mode and range). Other interior features include thorough sound proofing, Motolita steering wheel, leather high-back seats and double-DIN Alpine head unit incorporating satnav and reversing camera.

Twisted EV control panel
Control panel sits where levers used to be

The Alcon brakes (6-pot front / 4-pot rear) and BF Goodrich all terrains fitted to 18in five-spoke alloys are familiar Twisted fare. As for off-road credentials, the EV version promises the same breakover and departure angles as the original Defender, with high/low gearbox and centre diff-lock.

Useability is its trump card, Twisted boss Charles Fawcett tells us. ‘I went greenlaning with the family in it over the weekend. Five hours of driving, and it was just so simple and easy. It was great to be able to actually use it properly for the first time, rather than driving it just for testing.’

Twisted describes the EV system as ‘completely modular, so as technology improves individual components can be upgraded meaning the car is future proof and should last you a lifetime.’

It had better, given its price tag which equates to two nicely-specced plug-in hybrid Range Rovers{:rel=nofollow}. And although the electric Defender is ULEZ compliant, for £270k you could buy a new V8 Range Rover SV (from £173,200) and drive it around London every day for, erm, 21 years…

But that’s hardly the point!

Twisted’s EV Defender is currently available for sale in Yorkshire.

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Twisted EV interior
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Twisted EV interior

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