Watch a 1948 Series I on Solihull's Jungle Track with a rather special passenger

Being reunited with the Land Rovers we grew up with is a dream that many enthusiasts share, but it rarely does it ever come true.

Fortunately for retired Solihull employee Dorothy Peters, who joined the Service Department at Lode Lane in 1946 when she was just 15, the particular 80in Series I that features in her photo album from that time still exists.

When a chance encounter at Solihull brought Dorothy face-to-face with the Land Rover’s current owner, the seeds were sown for a very special reunion. 

Now owned by none other than Land Rover’s heritage expert Mike Bishop, HNX 331 was only the 16th production Series I to roll out of Solihull in 1948.

Mike said: ‘When I was approached by a very charming lady with some pictures of her time at Solihull, I had no idea we would share a special connection to ‘number 16’. Her enthusiasm for the company and this vehicle in particular was wonderful as was her surprise when she discovered I now owned the car! I knew instantly we needed to reunite them.’

Watch the result below. It’s a satisfying compilation of period footage from the early days of Land Rover, with modern footage of Series I No.16 on Solihull’s famous Jungle Track, doing what it was built to do – getting muddy and making people happy.