A Royal Appointment for The Queens of Land Rover

A year ago Victoria Towell created the ‘Landy Ladies’ Facebook group, which with the support of an enthusiastic bunch of Landy loving friends has grown to a community of nearly 500 female enthusiasts.

The group has already received an accolade that few if any Land Rover club can claim; an encouraging letter from the most famous Landy owning Lady on the planet, Her Majesty The Queen. Her Majesty thanked Victoria for the set of Landy Lady vehicle stickers that were sent to her and for letting her know of its existance.  The group are now looking to attend shows and events in the near future so if you’re a lady and have a Landy please look them up.

You can read more about the Landy Ladies in an upcoming issue of Land Rover Owner. 



Land Rover have announced the new Range Rover Velar – plugging the gap between Evoque and full-fat Range Rover.

Marketers at Jaguar Land Rover have decided that there has long been a gap between the urban-soccer mom’s Evoque special and the stool pigeon carrying, crime lord’s favourite Range Rover Sport. This should also give JLR more market share from the current car buying public, who simply can’t get enough of SUV vehicles and crossovers. 

Exact pricing hasn’t been announced, but we expect the new Velar to find itself leaving showrooms as a base specification for roughly £45k. Due to be shown at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Velar will become the fourth member of the Range Rover line. 

Land Rover seem more concerned about explaining the vehicle’s position in the hierarchy rather than showing us an actual picture – perhaps in tow with how Range Rover drivers see themselves in the pecking order. It shows the rapid change in the buyer’s market, only 13 years ago there was a single Range Rover to choose from. Then again, we also had the Defender. And the Freelander.

And, of course, it’s called Velar – which is legendary in Land Rover circles. The early prototypes were dubbed Velar, derived from the Latin ‘Velaris’, to convey the camouflage they wore and prevent the competition from spying on them. That should make your google searches for classic pictures all the more difficult.

The world debut is planned for an event on 1 March, 2017 in London. We’ll report back later with all the info when it’s announced. Production of project L560 is due to start at the Castle Bromwich plant this summer. We can hear the Audi Q5 and Jaguar F-Pace shaking in their fake 4x4 boots already…

Kit your Freelander

A message to those who bleat on about the Freelander 1 not being a proper Land Rover – it is. However, here is how to make one even better…

Let’s just get this out of the way first – the Freelander has a green oval brandished on the bodywork and survived the Camel Trophy intact. It’s a proper Land Rover, perhaps the last horse from Rover’s stable to be a ‘genuine’ Land Rover – as BMW then took the reins before passing them onto Ford, and then becoming Tata’s blingy new toy. 

Capable in the rough stuff and unafraid of mud, snow or the working classes, you’d be surprised at how sprightly and determined a well-maintained Freelander on the correct tyres can be. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t find accessories to help push the humble Freelander 1 to new frontiers. Just like ‘real’ Land Rovers, various retailers and manufacturers have tasty additions to make your Hippo go further. 

TD4 Freelander 1 Winch Mount

Tailored to house a Goodwinch 8.5 short drum winch with synthetic rope, this bolts straight onto the front of any Td4 Freelander 1 (both pre- and post-facelift) using ten bolts. You will need to cut the bumper to fit, but this allows you to fit a guard to the underside of the vulnerable lower area of the radiator. 

Neil says: ‘If you want a more discreet look, move the solenoid pack under the bonnet’. 



Boot Liner

When out playing on off-road courses and tackling Greenlanes like a steroid-packed mountain goat or carting muddy tools and dogs around, the boot carpet can start to suffer. This is where a heavy-duty boot liner comes in handy – making the removal of dirt, wood chippings, body parts and the like a doddle. 

Calum says: ‘Look, she was dead when I found her. Now stop calling.’

Freelander Floor Mats

The same problem with delving off-road in your Freelander can cause soily havoc in the front, as you drag mud and nature back into the Land Rover with you. Crafted to fit the shape of the footwell to prevent movement, with raised edges to keep water from spilling onto the carpets and creating damp smells.

Mark says: ‘I fitted a set of Autobiography runner mats to our Freelander to reduce the amount of crud building up in the footwells. They've certainly been tested - especially the passenger one, where photographers jump in and out, dragging mud in.’

Hawkeye Diagnostic Tool

Let’s not beat about the bush, occasionally Land Rovers enjoy a bit of electrical tomfoolery. Often when it’s raining, you’ve got somewhere to be, or you have just commented on your vehicles impeccable reliability. And the Freelander is no different, but don’t panic – as the Hawkeye tool can help you diagnose the issue, which is normally easy and cheap to fix. This tool can also be used on Defenders up until 2007, Discovery (1,2 and 3), Range Rover (Classic, P38, L322 and Sport) and Freelander 1/2.

Calum says: ‘I use this on my P38 everyday. Actually, I’m not sure that’s a good thing…’ 


Universal Towing Jaw

If you have a horsebox to pull, or find yourself yanking a lesser 4x4 from the mucky stuff, a tow bar is quite often essential. Also beneficial when the local boy racer insists on hitting the rear of your Freelander – meaning your bumper should escape damage. 

Martin Says: ‘Compatible with 30-, 40- and 50mm trailer eyes.’

Wheels and Tyres

When venturing into the rough stuff, it’s always wise to have the correct tyres fitted to the correct wheels. You wouldn’t go hiking in crocs or turn up to a running race in wellington boots – so you shouldn’t go wading in the wild with road tyres, either. You can find a huge selection in the LRO tyres section.

John Pearson Says: ‘Proper tyres are a must – don’t chance it!’ 



We all know that Range Rovers are popular with villains and heroes on the silver screen. But what about the little-seen movies where Range Rover Classics are pushed to the absolute edge?

You will already know about the Range Rovers used in the Bond films, or the various appearances and drive-on scenes from the likes of Anger ManagementHow To Get Ahead In Advertising and Frankenstein 90. But you could hardly call these appearances hair-raising. We’re talking about scenes where Range Rover Classics take on the city or the wilderness, sideways, to a V8 burble where the stunts are real and CGI is non-existent. 

Here we present five scenes where Spen King’s engineering prowess was tested to extremes – and while the budgets may not have been high, the stunt action is second to none.


Callan (1974)

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Edward Woodward is on a mission – to prevent a gun-running kingpin from escaping his lavish Kent-country home. After finding his boat disabled (as all 1970s bad guys do), the villain makes a run for it behind the wheel of his S-type Jag – although Woodward’s Callan already has it covered. Using his manager’s white 2-door Range Rover, Callan traverses the countryside and hustles as the crow flies, the automotive game of cat-and-mouse resulting in the destruction of fences, gates and one incredibly large greenhouse.  Needless to say, just like all British crime films, it doesn’t end well for the Jag. But who cares? Never has a white Range Rover been so menacing.

The Range Rover used for filming was one of Land Rover’s main press fleet vehicles, later appearing in The Omen (1976), Terry Nation’s post-apocalyptic Survivors series (1975-1977) and John Wayne’s Brannigan (1975).  Sadly, it looks as though this Rangie was scrapped during January 1983 – unless you know otherwise, in which case get in touch!


Face of Terror (2004)

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If you want to witness a Range Rover Classic really pushed to it’s handling limit – this is going to be 4 minutes in which to treasure. Ploughing through traffic on three wheels, before forcing lesser vehicles out the way and destroying anything that isn’t planted into the ground, this is how you properly tackle traffic with a Range Rover; especially when undercover police are chasing you in a Renault 21 diesel. 

The highlight of the chase finds the Rangie tackling a large flight of concrete steps at ridiculous speed, which shows the true capabilities of the coil suspension, and finds the top of the tailgate bouncing around like a big, uncontrollable spoiler.

If you can imagine Ronin set in Spain, on a budget, then you are ready to give this rarely seen escapism a try. 



Playing God (1997)

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If Angelina Jolie was your lover, and some ego-spouting crime boss had kidnapped her with the intent of turning her face into a mince pie, you would probably give chase too – although you would have a problem. Because evil bigwigs have so much time on their hands to rehearse being evil, they usually concoct ways to ensure you don’t catch them – in this case, hiding Angelina away in one of three identical black Range Rovers, which all set off through Los Angeles at the same time before splitting away to drive like lunatics – including a nifty handbrake turn and some serious leaning around street corners.  That’s three trails of oil to follow, not just the one… 


Exit Wounds (2001)

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Don’t let the face of Steven Segal turn you away from this action-packed feast of cheesy one-liners and DMX music. If you are looking for a Friday night popcorn movie in which to enjoy as you wind down from a hard week of Land Rovering (is that a word? It is now), this is just the ticket – especially as there is an epic car park chase resulting in the best jump in Range Rover history – through a glass window on the second floor. However, being an old Rangie – and this being Hollywood – we get Range Rover destruction in the form of a crash test demonstration against a fire engine. For shame. 

The chase is also a hotbed for errors, chief among which being the use of the horn – which we all know is on the stalk for a model year such as this, rather than the steering wheel – but, now we are being pernickety; especially after it survives a two story landing unscathed….  


The Kingdom (2006)

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It’s not everyday that you witness Jamie Foxx rallying around Saudi Arabia in a Range Rover Classic, chasing the only thing to guzzle even more fuel over the same distance – an S-class Mercedes. Although filmed in Arizona, we can believe there are a fleet of Classics out in the land of oil, as those with money snapped up as many as they could back when they were new.