1994-1998 Land Rover Defender 300Tdi 4×4 Review

Read our concise review of the 1994-1998 Land Rover Defender 300Tdi 4x4...

1994-1998 Land Rover Defender 300Tdi 4x4 Review

by Calum Brown |

What to consider when buying

Here are our top tips on things to consider when buying a Defender 90. Discuss prospective buys on our message boards, too.

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Rear crossmember. Shouldn't be rusty yet, but check for damage caused by heavy towing

Suspension. Bushes wear with age, reducing ride quality and steering accuracy

Propshaft. Lots of strain on the joints, which need regular greasing. Look for joint play and the sliding splines

Wheels and tyres. Can be abused. Look for scratched alloys, damaged tyres

Corrosion. Check for corrosion between steel and alloy panels - lower door panels are favourites. Also bulkhead below windscreen and around lower hinges, and examine the chassis

Springs and suspension units. Sagging is a clue to a vehicle that's been used as a load lugger, also bottoming out on speed humps

Engine. Can have a very long life, but only if the oil has been changed regularly. If it's black assume the worst. Also timing belt needs regular changing - ask seller when it was last done

Steering. Should be good, but there are a lot of ball joints in the system, which can wear. The joint on the steering box drop arm is a common failure point

Front swivels. Checks for signs of pitting

Seats. Driver's seat cushion is liable to collapse, and it wears where driver slides in and out

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