Models include Commercial & special/limited editions. Petrol: 3.5 litre (3528cc) & 3.9 litre (3947cc) V8. Turbo-Diesel: 2.5 litre (2495cc) 4-cyl Tdi.

Complete coverage for your Land Rover Discovery Petrol and Diesel (89 - 98) G to S --Routine Maintenance --Engine Repair --Cooling and Heating --Air Conditioning --Fuel and Exhaust --Emission Control --Ignition --Transmission --Brakes --Suspension and Steering --Electrical Systems --Wiring Diagrams --Fault Diagnosis

Every manual is written from hands-on experience gained from stripping down and rebuilding each vehicle in the Haynes Project Workshop. The practical step-by-step instructions and clear photos are easy to follow and provide information on maintenance, servicing, fault finding, the MoT, brakes, electrics and Haynes tips to make many tasks easier.

Chapter 1: Routine maintenance and servicing

Chapter 2: Part A: In-vehicle engine repair procedures

Chapter 2: Part B: Engine removal and general engine overhaul procedures

Chapter 3: Cooling, heating and ventilation systems

Chapter 4: Fuel, exhaust and emission control systems

Chapter 5: Engine electrical systems

Chapter 6: Clutch

Chapter 7: Part A: Manual transmission

Chapter 7: Part B: Automatic transmission

Chapter 8: Propeller shaft and rear axle

Chapter 9: Braking system

Chapter 10: Suspension and steering systems

Chapter 11: Bodywork and fittings

Chapter 12: Body electrical systems

Wiring diagrams

From: Haynes