It's time for the April 2017 issue of Land Rover Owner to hit the shelves! Here's what to expect within your little bundle of Land Rover awesomeness...

What's inside the April 2017 issue of Land Rover Owner?

Oh boy, do we have a treat lined up for you this month. Besides all the usual Land Rovers for sale and well-formed opinions of Sir John Pearson, Mssrs Jerry Thurston, Lord Sam Watson and Madam Peter Gallilee, we have a mammoth 19-page celebration of our favourite V8 - the unloved American orphan that became Rover's backbone for over 30 years. Even just thinking about the noise that lofty great eight-cylinder crafts from the exhaust makes a change of underwear compulsory. 

Alongside a comprehensive display of love for the Rover V8, the April issue also features part eight of Crichton's Continental Divide adventure and all the workshop sections you can eat - plus Watty's World and his opinion on calling a TV Land Rover a Jeep. God forbid... 

This month the team find themselves with more Land Rover goodness than you can shake a spindly gear stick at:

Neil goes offroading in Shropshire
Jerry Thurston examines a 110 double-cap with a filthy, filthy secret
Martin explains how to hunt down a P38 without falling for a moneypit
Mark casts an eye over an ex-MoD Ninety that has been rebuilt from the ground up
Jerome visits a Swiss family who have restored their Series I
Peter tracks down one of the earliest Forward Controls left on the planet

Although, there is sad news to bear - and we aren't talking about Saville's dress sense. This is the final issue to be helmed by Mike Goodbun. Farewell Mike, the office won't be the same without you. 

- CB