Land Rover Owner magazine Spring 2019 cover

This month we celebrate 30 amazing years since the launch of the original Land Rover Discovery.

Rugged Welsh mountains host three generations of Disco for a gruelling greenlane adventure, and don’t miss Mark Saville’s huge run-down of the Discovery’s greatest moments – from first inception to the latest Discovery Sport and D5, via wild adventures, publicity stunts and engineering marvels along the way.

Pick up your copy of LRO magazine’s Spring 2019 issue to find…

 ·       Mark Saville’s nine-page celebration of the Land Rover Discovery’s greatest moments

·        How to prevent electronic park brake (EPB) failure, with workshop ace Martin Domoney

·        How to get power and performance from a 2.25 petrol by installing an SU carb

·        James Taylor on press-fleet Range Rover Classic PXC 372J

·        World of Land Rovers your adventures around the world

·        Fuzz and Tim from TV’s Car SOS take us behind the scenes of their Series II resto special

·        Paintwork preparation – important knowledge from our Range Rover Classic resto

·        Eyeball-grabbing modified Tdi Defender 110, built for family adventures

·        All you ever wanted to know about wheels! Because they’re kind of important…

·        News and reviews for all the latest Land Rover products

·        Magical rocky vistas from our stunning Pyrenees expedition

·        Down-to-earth restoration of an ex-trialler 80in Series I

·        JP, Neil and Martin embark on a greenlane voyage of discovery from north to south Wales

·        LRO’s tame(ish) nomad Sam Watson on how to get along with dodgy border guards

·        Icelandic Land Rover collection with historic interest to die for. The views aren’t bad either!

·        Step-by-step showing installation of a truck-cab roll cage

·        Ask LRO – your workshop questions answered

·        Hundreds of Land Rovers you can buy

… and loads more. Collect your copy today!