This book was conceived on the final day of a holiday in the Falklands, during which time we had seen and travelled in a lot of Land Rovers. The previous day we had taken a Land Rover tour to Volunteer Point King Penguin Colony. The major part of the journey is off-road, and I mean seriously off-road! That last day I casually suggested that it would be a good idea to return to photograph the Falkland Land Rovers for a book…We spent the whole month of February 2015 doing that and here is the result.

This glossy 90 page gift book features coloured photographs of Land Rovers in the Falkland Islands with descriptive text. It includes 150 photographs of Land Rovers ranging from Series I to Defender 130 as well as scenic photographs of the islands, penguins and other wildlife. Land Rovers from collectors, government departments and private owners are presented. We showcase such beauties as a rare Roadless Traction 109″ Forest Rover and a stunning 1955 Series I 86″ hardtop (front cover).

This book would be suitable for Land Rover enthusiasts as well as those interested in the Falkland Islands.

We received glowing reviews of our book in six Land Rover publications and present two excerpts here.

Ros Woodham, editor of LEGEND magazine and CLASSIC LAND ROVER magazine, says “This book is a personal reflection of Jean and Denis’ passion for Land Rovers and its pages celebrate the diversity of this marque within this unique landscape whilst capturing the history and character of each vehicle and its owner. This is a colourful and distinctive book which is both fun and informative – a great adornment for your coffee table.”

Dan Clements, former editor of BUILT 2 LAST, says “The book covers Series I, II, III and Defender Land Rovers and is beautifully photographed and put together. A fantastic publication for the Land Rover fan in your life or just for yourself of course! Packed full of high colour photographs and explanation, it is a real insight into the island life….I for one am genuinely inspired and now feel the need to add the Falklands onto my bucket list.”