I don't do much winching - but when I do, it tends to be when I'm in a bit of a tight spot, so I need reliable kit. This rope is made from the same fibres as the standard Bowrope, but in a location where it's less expensive to produce, so it costs less (it's about 30 per cent cheaper).

I've got 30.5 metres of this budget Bowrope fitted to the large-drum Goldfish TDS-9.5c on the LRO 90 - sitting on the front of the vehicle, it's exposed to the elements. Some of the colour has leeched away from the top layers, but the main body of the rope is still vivid green, which makes it easy to see.

I'm not the sort of person to overload a winch - I tend to use pulleys to reduce the load on components - so I haven't taken the rope to its limit to find out where it will break, but I've had it to over three tonnes without any fuss. It's not meant to have quite the same abuse resistance as standard Bowrope, but considering the cost saving you can accept that (unless you're competing, in which case it makes sense to use the expensive stuff). Either way, it's a lot more user-friendly than wire.

Verdict: Good budget rope; a cost-effective upgrade over wire for occasional use.

Used by: Neil Watterson, Deputy Editor

Tested for: Two years