RRP: £214.80

If you want to recover vehicles safely, you need the right equipment. This kit comes in its own storage bag, so everything you need in a recovery situation will be right where you want it - and the bag's vivid colour scheme means you won't lose it in the mud when you put it down...

This kit is suitable for most Land Rover recovery situations, whether that's a straightforward tow or slower recovery with a winch. It includes a 30-foot-long recovery strap, which has an impressive 20 per cent elasticity - so you won't be subjecting vehicles to the sort of stress-inducing jolts you get with cheap ropes.

Also included are a three-metre tree trunk protector, two 4.75-tonne bow shackles and a 9000kg-rated ultra-light pulley block.

Neil says: 'This kit contains everything you need for most off-road recoveries.'

From: Devon 4x4