RRP: £107.95 (per pair)

Snow chains are a last resort on a Land Rover. In most conditions they won’t be needed, but in some countries it’s compulsory for all cars to carry a set – just in case. In France they’re recommended and, to avoid upsetting the local police, who can stop and check vehicles heading up the mountains, I decided to take some with me on a ski trip to the Alps. As predicted, I didn’t need them.

Waste of money, you might think? Well, not really. Snowchains.com can hire you a pair of snow chains suited to your tyre size. The Simaka Artik Transport chains arrived on my doorstep one week before I was due to leave. This gave me time to practice fitting them and to trundle around the snow-covered car park at LRO HQ. Fitting them took minutes and once understood the process is even quicker. They even come with a handy set of gloves to stop your hands and arms getting muddy.

I can’t see that I’d ever want to buy snow chains, but being able to hire them so easily meant it would have been stupid not to pack them.

Verdict: Compact and cheap solution to traction – and to keeping foreign police onside!

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