Black smoke and loss of power was an alarm bell that I could have done without, coming only a couple of weeks after my Freelander 1's Td4 engine flash upgrade. Of course, I feared the worst.

But a check under the bonnet showed that the original rubber intercooler hose had failed and the air compressed by the turbocharger was leaking through the split - it's a common occurrence on Td4 Freelander 1s, especially the top right-angled hose next to the battery. I could have gone for a set of standard replacements (about £30), but I decided to push the boat out.

Fitting was simple - I only needed a flat-blade screwdriver - but access was tricky. The hoses are still going strong 100,000 miles and eight years later.

Used by: Tom Critchell, photographer

Tested for: Eight years

Price: £106.80 (also available for Defender Puma TDCi £82.80; Defender 200TDI £58.79; Defender 300TDI and Disco 200TDI and 300TDI £47.94; Defender Td5 £59,94; 2.7 TDV6 £73.51)