The Bundutop Roof tent is a first of its kind in Europe, and will open or close in just 30 seconds.

This roof tent is electric but does has a back up manual mode as well, when it opens an awning also pops out, and folds back away when it closes.

The BunduTop standard size is 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm when closed, and 2100 x 1350 x 1000 mm when open.

The mattress inside is 2000 x 1250 x 100 mm and it is a high density foam.

This leaves enough space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside.

The tent weighs about 60 kgs, about as heavy as 3 full Jerry cans.

The tent has a HELLA plug and an LED light inside, and it comes with an aluminium ladder.

The tent has been tested extensively in various locations and weather types. In the USA it has proven to withstand 50 mph winds and has performed well in snow.