RRP: £220.00

These camo hoods are made in a hard-wearing printed rhino canvas, with a plain colour on the inside that gives a nice, light interior. The full-length hoods have all the features you'd expect, such as buckles and straps to allow you to roll up the sides as well as the back. These straps and buckles are black and green respectively, in keeping with the military style. Versions are available for the 88-inch Series II, SIIA and SIII (£298.80) and pre-Td5 Defender 90 (£310.80) and attach to standard hood stick frames (which are also available from the company). Each hood comes with a storage bag for those times when the weather is actually nice enough for you to take it off entirely - remove it, fold it up and secure it in the rear load area, just in case the rain comes. Neat.

Neil says: 'Just remember to make a note of where you've parked in woodland!'