Socket sets that include both metric and imperial sizes are handy if, like me, you need to work on both older and newer vehicles. This set is small enough to be stowed easily but big enough to be useful, with a chunky, comfortable grip.

For larger nuts (the size of a wheelbut, for example) you're better off with a half-inch drive and a longer handle to increase the moment of force, but for most applications this is up to the job.

The ratchet has taken some abuse, occasionally being left out in the rain, and being used (gently) as a hammer - but it's still functioning well, and proven itself to be corrosion resistant. It's also guaranteed, excluding the ratchet mechanism, which is great for piece of mind.

There are smoother-operating ratchet mechanisms available at higher prices (loose nuts are awkward to undo if the ratchet is stiff and biting when it shouldn't), but I still think this kit is good value for money.

Verdict: Simple and effective - just like a Series Land Rover.

Used by: Theo Ford-Sagers

Tested for: 21 months

From: Machine Mart