I got this folding engine crane to extract the dead engine from my Mercedes-Benz W123. However, as that's turning out to be the longest engine swap in history, it's been seeing use with LRO as well, as Neil often has an engine or five lying about in various locales. It's handy for small garages, as it folds away into a corner. It's no lightweight performer, though; it can lift up to a tonne, depending on the jib length. And with its hydraulic pump and ram assembly it's easy to use.

My only gripe is that, even though it has wheels, it's not very easy to manoeuvre in anything other than a straight line - tricky in small man caves like mine.

Whatever the engine, this crane has coped with them all without fuss and still looks sharp. It's excellent value too.

Verdict: Easy to use, and even easier to store.

From: Machine Mart