This Centinel Clutch Claw could very well be the only security you need to keep your Land Rover safe. With wide acclaim from the motoring press and used by various official bodies to keep their commercial fleets safe, even Edward Chainsaw-Hands couldn't break through this metal beast. 

Here's a breakdown of all that keeps your Land Rover safe with this impressive piece of security:

  • Locks clutch and brake pedal together in seconds
  • Impossible to attack whilst sitting in vehicle
  • New flashing LED and window stickers to warn off thieves
  • Fits virtually all vehicles
  • Can be re-set for change of owners vehicle (life long security!)
  • Security does not cost – it pays!

Therefore, also useful for stopping your teenage son from stealing your Land Rover -  after he crashes his Corsa trying to impress the girl up the street. 

From: NK Group