RRP: £129.98

This compact vehicle mounted Air Locker Air Activation System has been specifically designed to activate ARB Air Lockers, meeting the demanding needs of users.

A smaller unit, it comes with a mounting bracket that allows versatile positioning and is sealed for moisture and dust resistance with quality components used for quiet operation and extra long life.


    • Ultra compact 12V DC air compressor
    • Designed for Air Locker use
    • Sealed for moisture and dust resistance
    • Hard anodised cylinder bores for reduced friction
    • Teflon impregnated carbon fibre piston seals for maximum trouble free life
    • Anodised mounting bracket dissipates motor heat and allows compressor to be repositioned 180 degrees
    • Quality components for quiet operation and extra long life
    • Constructed entirely of lightweight, high strength engineering grade materials
    • Relocatable air filter assembly for cleaner, cooler air supply and versatile waterproof air intake positioning
    • Full wiring loom included for simplified installation and plug-in connectivity to Air Locker control solenoids
    • Low current draw means it will run on the 12V accessory supply for most 12V and 24V vehicles

From: Devon 4x4