The Front Runner Gullwing Opening Window/Door (complete with frame) can replace the standard rear side window (or be fitted into a plain side panel) of a Defender 110 and allows you to til open the window/door, creating 100% easy access to the contents of your load area. Suitable for most Land Rovers 110 with factory fit side windows and plain side panel models.

NOTE: These are available with Toughened Glass Door/Window instead of the powder coated metal window/door.

Frontrunner Model No. GWLD009


  1. Side window replacement,  tip up doors
  2. Easy access into the rear area
  3. Requires approx size of: 1100mm Width x 460mm High
  4. Replaces glass windows
  5. Comes complete with frame (can be fitted to plain vehicle Sides)
  6. Lockable doors
  7. Gas Strut Dampered opening/closing
  8. Can also be used as kitchen lockers or storage lockers with additional panelling
  9. Made in South Africa
  10. Manufactuter by Front Runner