Has the dog ripped up your seats in a fit of fury? Foolishly given Edward Scissorhands a lift? Freddy Kruger been in the interior looking for that 20p he dropped? It can problematic to get replacement seats to fit in Defenders when the time comes. But now there is a solution! 

Although a Land Rover Defender offers plenty of headroom, the low windscreen top means that you will require a shallow base - which is exactly what the TuV-approved Corbeau Sportline RRS Low Base seats offer. 

Unlike basic Defender seats, these are adjustable for recline and lumbar support - available in vinyl, leather or Alcantara. 

Neil says: 'Getting seats into Defenders isn't always a tall order.'

Calum says: 'These can also protect against bear attacks.'*

*May not actually protect against bear attacks. 

From: TMD Tuning