RRP: £30.17

Wing mirrors are hopeless. On Series Is, lots of people use a Defender mirror or similar, bolting it to the door top. That does work, but can end up looking ugly. So I was pleased to come across this clamp-on mirror, which has a 106mm (4 -inch) diameter. It has a square-U section that fits over the leading edge of my Series I's galvanised door top, and is clamped with two little allen screws. A key is provided for the screws, and there is also a stainless steel strip for the screws to bear on, to protect your vehicle. It's made from stainless steel and is easily adjusted. I would recommend convex glass - not flat - for the best rear view.

I never check my wing mirrors now - they're purely decorative period pieces. This is one of the best things I've bought.

Verdict: Solves the exterior mirror problem perfectly.

Tested by: Peter Galilee, Contributor

Tested for: Five years