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Defender seat bases are too short for anyone with long legs like mine. The standard base ends halfway along my thighs and doesn't provide adequate support.

Exmoor Trim's simple but effective idea overcomes that. It's an extended base that gives an extra couple of inches' support - and it really works. I've tried one in my 100 for a few months and it's one of those improvements I wish I'd had years ago.

It's a direct replcement for the original, so fitting is as simple as popping out the old one and slipping the new one into place. And of course it's suitable for hte passenger seat as well.

The manufacturer has wisely kept the raised sides at standard length because longer ones would restrict you getting in and out of the vehicle.

Used by: John Pearson, Editor-in-chief

Tested for: Four months

From: John Craddock LTD