The new extreme competition rope is designed specifically for competition use and is rated 25% stronger than any other current synthetic winch rope of the same size.

Marlow Dynaline is Synthetic Fibre Replacement Winch Rope - it weighs only a fraction of its wire rope counterpart and is even stronger! Dynaline is a 12 strand construction rope coated with Armourcoat to improve abrasion resistance and to help when washing dirt and grit fomr the rope.

  • 6 x lighter than wire
  • 70% stronger than wire
  • Easy to splice
  • Does not kink
  • No water absorption - floats
  • Coated with Armourcoat to improve abrasion resistance
  • No wire splinters
  • No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum
  • Will not whiplash if breaks
  • Pre-stretched and heat set and quick and easy to splice

From: Extreme 4x4