RRP: £679.12 (per set of four)

Dampers are among those items you really only notice if they’re not working properly, causing your Land Rover’s ride to becomes ever-more jelly-like. Age accounts for some problems, but some fade through sheer hard work.
Fox Racing Shocks are known the world over for their racing applications, and they can be valved to your own individual specifications.
Mine are valved to a specification created for heavily laden military 110s used for towing and they’ve proved to be ideal for my driving.
The ride in the Defender is as close as I’ve found to perfect, with the dampers allowing the springs to deflect on rocky climbs but still keeping them under control on quick changes in direction, without any of the wallowing you sometimes get.
They’re fully serviceable, so they can be re-valved if I want to change the ride characteristics – no need to discard them after a few years’ use.

Verdict: Keeps you in control.

From: Prolinx Suspension