This torch is perfect for keeping in the Land Rover. It’s robust and sturdy, can be manipulated to stay in any position you require, thanks to its swivel handle and stand, and can even be hung by its metal rings. 

It gives about 40 minutes’ constant use from 4x D batteries or 8 hours of runtime from 4x AA. It throws out a lot of light and I think it’s good value. 

Single-bulb torches such as this are slowly being phased out in favour of smaller, LED torches but I have one of each, and I have to say I much prefer using this one. I’ve really come to like it. 
Whether it’s checking over something on the Land Rover or winter’s-evening dog walking, it’s handy to have around, especially as you can perch it almost anywhere.

From: Halfords

Verdict: Bulky but bright.